Citizens in China Defend Apple Against State-Run Media

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People in China aren’t happy with Apple’s treatment by the state-run media. They feel that the reporting, which is criticizing Apple for its warranty policy, is unfair.

The CCTV (China Central Television) news mentioned Apple in a report, claiming that the company has a “discriminatory after-sales service in China compared to the rest of the world,” according to the Global Post. CCTV even said that Apple would face law enforcement authorities if its one-year warranty policy for the MacBook Air didn’t change. There are other state-run media outlets criticizing the Cupertino-based company, too. The People’s Daily called Apple arrogant.

Still, the public didn’t buy it. Many internet users took to Chinese microblogging service Weibo to criticize the reports. Some said that Apple is within its right to offer the warranty policy as it does. Others said the news outlets fail to report news that matters, and focused on an American company. “There’s toxic air,…water and tainted milk,” said one, adding “we are not fools!”

Meanwhile, Apple said it respects Chinese consumers, and that warranties are as they are to adhere to Chinese law.

Over the last few years, especially in more recent times with microblogging services and smartphones, the general public is given a voice. Whether it’s for silly reporting, or during times of war and violence, we are seeing news from thousands of field reporters at any given time who are living and experiencing things as they happen in real time. It seems that now it’s starting to become more vocal for people who didn’t have a voice before.


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