Disney World Does Away With Turnstiles, and Replaces Them With iPod Touch

disney_ipod touch scanner

Disney’s Magic Kingdom no longer has turnstiles. You know, those annoying things with the metal bars you have to walk through, and they make that horrible clicky sound as you cross. No more.

Instead, Disney employees are equipped with iPod touches to check in park visitors. It’s part of a new program by Disney called MyMagic+, which AppleInsider reports is intended to make the parks more inviting. Makes sense. An iPod touch is a lot cooler than those stupid turnstiles. It’s put in a special case with a scanner and app.

That said, the report does mention that this is more of a trial run, so it may not stick. It will ultimately incorporate something called the Magic Band, which is an RFID wrist-band with cool scanners that look like Mickey Mouse. You can see it in more detail by checking out the original report here.


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