Don’t Expect to See Firefox for iOS for a While, Possibly Ever.

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Firefox won’t come to iOS until Apple allows users to change their default browser, so don’t expect it for a while. If ever. There is also the fact that all iOS browsers must use WebKit, and Mozilla can’t use it’s Gecko HTML rendering engine. This is due to Apple’s rules. Okay. That probably ends any hope.

Firefox has a lot of fans, but the makers of the browser don’t see a reason to make it happen until Apple lifts those restrictions. Ars Technica’s Ryan Paul said “the only thing that will differentiate it from other iPad browsers will be the user interface and the Mozilla service integration.”

Despite a demo of an experimental browser it called “Junior” sometime last year, Mozilla won’t release a browser for iOS. At least not until Apple’s rules change, if ever.

[via Ars Technica]

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