Ex-Apple CEO John Sculley Says Apple is Experiencing an Innovative Lull

steve jobs and john scully

John Sculley was the Pepsi guy before he joined Apple. He became CEO, and at first he and Steve Jobs had an awesome working relationship. That ended when Apple booted Steve from his own company.

Sculley isn’t exactly known for running Apple successfully. In fact, Apple almost collapsed under his supervision. Maybe that’s no reason to doubt the guy, but it doesn’t exactly seem like Apple is having trouble right now. The company has a handful of hot products, and it seems that people expect them to announce a totally new product category every three or four years.

That sort of thing doesn’t happen fast or often. The iPod launched in 2001. The iPhone hit the market in 2007, and the iPad came in 2010. Also worth noting is that the iPad was in development before the iPhone. Innovation probably won’t happen every year. The company still has successful products, and they will keep working with those as new ideas come.

[via CultofMac]

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