Facebook Getting a Mobile-inspired Visual Update

Facebook new look

Image credit: USA Today

Today Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced a new look for the Facebook news feed. It’s partly inspired by the mobile apps, adding a continuity across platforms.

Facebook isn’t the first site to go with something that somewhat resembles an iPad application. We saw this several years ago when the Gawker network updated its look. Readers weren’t pleased, but after some adjustments, it seems nobody cares about the layout. They still go, and they still read.

The new Facebook has a toolbar called the Switcher, which enables users to move back and forth between sections. For instance, a new feed for technology, or see their friends’ updates. It looks as if it could be really cool. Of course there will be an adjustment period, and people will be upset when it changes, but we’re sure those people will continue to visit Facebook and they will just get used to it. Like the Timeline. That drove people crazy for a few months, and after a while they just accepted it.

I hope they get rid of those stupid game notifications. I don’t care if some friend I never talk to wants me to play a stupid game of Castle City with them.

[via USA Today]

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