Funny or Die Making Steve Jobs Movie with Justin Long as Jobs

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The Justin Long, the Mac from the old Apple commercials, plays Steve Jobs in upcoming parody.

Funny or Die is making its own Steve Jobs movie. Justin Long, best known as the Mac in those now classic Mac vs PC commercials, plays Steve Jobs. James Urbaniak plays Bill Gates and Jorge Garcia plays Steve Wozniak.

Apparently, the film began as a parody trailer. It eventually became a full-length film. It releases online April 15th. The best part is the amount of research that went into it. Director Ryan Perez says it was “essentially a cursory look at the Steve Jobs Wikipedia page.”

It was put together rather quickly, according to CultofMac. The screenplay, which is 81 pages, took three days to write. Filming took another five. Don’t expect it to be well-made.

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