Game Boy Advance Emulator Sneaks on to App Store, Removed Shortly After

iphone game boy advance emulator

Seems that someone behind the App Store approval process at Apple didn’t catch the fact that ‘Awesome Baby Names’ was a bogus App. It’s actually a Game Boy Advance emulator. Well, it was. Apple quickly removed it.

Emulators aren’t exactly something we condone, but a lot of these games are titles you can’t buy anymore. While some hit services like the Virtual Console, and buying them legally is recommended, many of these games are out of production, and we will never see them in the US again.

Either way, the emulator was hidden within the app. A series of taps on the screen launched the emulator with a ROM list. Anyone with the app has to use software like iExplorer to install games.

Of course Apple figured this out, and now the app is gone. Oh well. At least someone out there is enjoying it.

[via TouchArcade]

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