Gogo: iOS Devices Are the Most Popular with Airline Passengers

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Gogo provides in-flight internet when you are traveling on a plane. According to its stats, iOS devices are the most popular amongst fliers.

Gogo put together an infographic to show percentages. Tablets make up 35 percent of devices that people use when browsing the internet on airplanes. Apple’s iPhone makes up 73 percent of phones used on planes. That said, Android devices are taking some of that share in 2013. In 2011, most devices on planes were Apple. Now Android is picking up, that’s partly expected as 2011 was only one year after the iPad debuted and there were no rival tablets at the time that really competed well with the iPad. Now there are many more choices out there, and some of them are actually pretty cool.


You can read the full report at Gogo’s official blog.

[via TUAW]

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