iPhone 5 Jailbreak Tweak Gives AT&T iPhone Owners Access to T-Mobile’s LTE Network


If you really can’t wait a few days until the iPhone 5 lands on T-Mobile, it seems there is a way to jump on its network with a jailbroken AT&T iPhone.

A new jailbreak tweak supposedly makes this possible by loading a custom carrier file onto your handset. Whatever that means. If you’re that eager to unlock your iPhone 5 and jump on T-Mobile, that’s cool, but it’s most likely that this won’t work for you. For o,e, as far as we can see, it has to be an AT&T model. Furthermore, this tweak only works on the carrier’s LTE network. This means, if you aren’t in Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Jose or Washington, D.C., you don’t have a T-Mobile iPhone 5.

Still, if you live in any of those markets, and you’re interested in switching to T-Mobile sooner rather than later, and if you have an AT&T iPhone 5, you can check out LeiMobile for the instructions. We haven’t tried it ourselves. We don’t need to. Even if we did, the closest LTE market for T-Mobile is about 350 miles away.

We will add that checking out the instructions, all the strikethroughs make it a little less promising.

[via BGR]

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