iWatch Rumor: Apple Once Asked Swatch About Batteries

iWatch rumor

The iWatch rumors still persist. We gathered several of them up recently. We also learned that Apple design boss Jony Ive showed particular interest in watches a few years back. Now we’re hearing that Apple talked to watchmaker Swatch about making watch batteries.

Apple didn’t necessarily ask Swatch to make anything for the company. It just wanted to know a few things about powering watches. That is according to Swatch CEO Nick Hayek. Basically, this was because the Cupertino folks expressed some interest in kinetic batteries, which are used in many watches today.

If Apple isn’t planning on releasing a watch in the near future, I think it’s safe to say that at some point the company seriously considered it. However, we have also heard that around 100 people at Apple are working on the project. That’s a rumor, too, of course. Still, that’s a lot of resources to put into a project at corporate level. At least we’d think so. There is definitely something going on.

[via CultofMac]

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