Kid Spends $2,550 on In-App Purchases

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We considered a pic of the kid on his dad’s iPad, but we felt this image captured the feel of the story a bit better.

Ouch. In-app purchases can be very bad in the wrong hands. Just ask this kid’s parents. He blew $2,550 on in-app purchases in 10 minutes. Big spender, and he’s only five.

The kid bought up a boatload of in-app purchases priced at £69.99, which is about $105. Then came the receipt. The kid had spent over 2 grand on those purchases. In all fairness, the kid felt bad about it. His brothers and sisters gave him a hard time. Luckily, it’s been refunded, but it’s still a lesson in in-app purchases. We wonder if Apple will do something about this. After all, it’s just money lost, because parents demand refunds. Perhaps setting in-game spending limits for a month or having in-app purchases password-protected? Just a couple of thoughts.

[via CultofMac]

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