Lawmakers Working to Legalize Cellphone Unlocking



Lawmakers want to ensure that unlocking your cellular phone is made legal. The practice of unlocking without carrier permission recently became illegal, and several people signed a petition asking the White House to do something about it. The White House responded. That’s where we are now.

For those who don’t know, unlocking your phone is when you break away from a carrier. For instance, if you have an iPhone on AT&T, and you want to use it on Verizon’s network. You unlock your iPhone. That’s putting it in its most basic form, but that’s essentially what it is.

Now that the White House has publicly stated its stance on the issue, it seems that lawmakers are discussing the legalities of unlocking your cellphone and want to introduce bills to legalize it.

There are definitely two sides to this. As someone who has never had to unlock my phone, I’m interested in asking readers what they think of unlocking. I’ve heard the argument that the cellphone is yours. You have the right to use it how you choose after you buy it. However, I’ve also heard the argument that you purchased the phone subsidized. This means that the carrier took a hit selling it to you under the agreement that you will stay on contract for the next two years. I think that’s fair reasoning, too. Because I haven’t had to experience this first-hand (so obviously my experience tells me very little about unlocking or why I’d need to do it) I’d like to ask our readers what they think. Leave some comments.

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