More Reports Prove We Know Nothing About the Next iPhone

iPhone 5_white_black

Guess what? Apple will announce the iPhone 5S on June 20. No…someone else said WWDC is likely to happen during the week of June-10-14. Wait, Apple hasn’t announced a date for WWDC. Still, June 10-14 makes sense, according to the Moscone Center’s calendar.

But Apple didn’t announce new iPhone hardware at WWDC in 2011 and 2012. Or, didn’t some blog I’ve never heard about say the next iPhone is coming in June or July? I think an analyst said some other date, which I presume he got by throwing a dart at a calendar.

You know what? I have a feeling we, and none of these other blogs, have any idea when the next iPhone will release. We just know it’s happening on a yearly-basis and that Apple shifted iPhone announcements to the fall months for the last two years. Common sense goes a long way in a world full of rumors and speculation.

[via MacRumors]

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