New Horror Movie is About Evil Siri

Siri is a great little assistant. However, one Dutch suspense/horror film called App, turns the concept of Siri into a dangerous application called IRIS. There is also an app for iOS made to accompany the movie. Heads-up, the trailer drops an F-bomb in the form of “What the —- is this?” It’s nothing horrible, but a warning in case you are offended by harsh language.

The trailer above isn’t totally promising to me, but it’s a cool idea to integrate an app into a movie called App. If you run it during the film, you will get images on the device that are not on the movie. Not sure how that works, but it somehow integrates into the movie in such a way that gives you a totally new experience.

We may not see it here in the US for a while, but it launches in the Netherlands April 4th.

[via CultofMac]

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