New iMac Now Ships With VESA Mount Adapter Option

iMac mount kit

If you’re in the market for a new iMac, but want to use it with your VESA mount. Apple now offers the iMac with an option to add a built-in VESA mount adapter.

It will cost an extra $40 for this option. That’s quite a bit on top of what you are already paying for your new computer. Maybe it doesn’t seem like a lot after everything, but if I’m paying about $1300 or so for a new computer, I don’t know if I want an extra $40 tacked on.

The stand will also be a separate purchase, but those VESA mounts will now work with this. However, according to Engadget, if you’ve already shared out the money for the iMac, you can’t purchase a mounting kit or convert it. At least not yet.

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