Phillips to Release SDK for Hue Lightning System

Phillips Hue

A while back we saw Phillips’ Hue lightning system. It’s an iOS-controlled set of lights with adjustable color.

Phillips will release the SDK and API for the lightning systems, so that developers can create apps that will control the light systems. It looks very cool, but it’s definitely a pricey setup. That said, it’s definitely very cool.

We learned about Hue when Phillips first announced it. Here’s a portion of Phillips’ official announcement:

“We’re now at a point where there are already about 10 applications that have been shared and built from the unofficial developer community for new applications around Hue. Now what we want to do as Philips is we actually want to help and grow and encourage this community, and give them tools and proper documentation. Also, we want to give them commitment that this is the API and we’re going to support it and it won’t change overnight.”

Sounds cool. We’d love to have a setup of our own. Maybe one day. Regardless, it will be nice to see what third-parties can make with the SDK.

[via CultofMac]

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