Report: iPhone Poker Game May Be Illegal in Australia


According to a report by the Canberra Times, a poker app for iOS may be illegal in Australia.

The app, called PokerStars, allows for players to bet real money. That is according to the description on the game’s website:

Play for real money with players at your skill level, or practice for free using play money. Play Poker and use Quick Seating – The ‘Play Now’ button lets you instantly join your favourite games and tournaments with a single click.

The Canberra Times explains that one senator, Richard di Natale, says that Apple has “an obligation to take down apps that are against Australian law and they should do it.” He also says that people in Australia are not allowed to lawfully play online poker under the Interactive Gambling Act.

The report does mention that there are over 2000 other gambling providers offering services to Australians. Perhaps the popularity of the App Store and the brand power of Apple just so happen to bring this to the public’s attention.

Apple Australia didn’t comment on the matter, but we figure it won’t be long before it pulls the virtual poker game.

[via Canberratimes]

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