Report: Jony Ive Merging Hardware and Software Design Teams For More Consistent Designs


Apple design boss Jony Ive is one of the most powerful people at Apple. He is in charge of design across hardware and software, that’s a recent change. He used to be solely in charge of hardware design. Now Ive is bringing the two teams together. This is in hopes of creating a more unified experience for users.

In the past, software and hardware teams worked apart. Sometimes, they didn’t know about what the other was working on. This is part of how Apple used to keep things so secretive. The report of the two teams coming together comes from The Wall Street Journal, so it’s about as close to an official Apple announcement as we can get.

Ive and the Gref Christie’s “human interface” team, responsible for the mobile software, are working more closely together for what they reportedly call a “flat design.” It seems Ive is pushing for this in hopes of keeping things more consistent throughout systems and hardware.

[WSJ via AppleInsider]

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