Rumor: Apple’s Cheaper iPhone Will Have Same Screen as iPhone 5


iPhone product roadmap

Apple’s long-rumored cheaper iPhone is supposedly in development. We haven’t heard much aside from rumors and speculation, but some credible publications have reported on it in the past.

The latest rumor comes from KGI Securities analyst (Yea, we know, we know. Take anything analysts say with a grain of salt.) Ming-Chi Kuo. Still, Kuo is has a good track record, according to CultofMac. He predicted quite a bit about the iPhone 4S, such as its timeline and feature updates. He also nailed the iPad 2 launch and talked about the white iPhone 4 before anyone else.

Kuo says that the cheaper iPhone will have a thin, plastic casing. This makes it less expensive to manufacture. He also believes that it will have the same sized screen as the iPhone 5.

The cheaper iPhone is likely to debut alongside the iPhone 5s.


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