Rumor: iPhone 5S is Already in Production at Foxconn Factories

iPHone 5 taken apart

According to recent rumors, the iPhone 5S, which is likely to be the iPhone 5 successor if Apple keeps its current naming convention, is already in production.

The news comes from Japanese blog Macotakara, so the rumor can go either way. That said, Apple is probably planning the next iPhone for the near future. Even though websites say that it’s coming soon, we think Apple may just stick to the October release window. It works well so far, and it give the iPhone a nice boost thanks to eager holiday shoppers.

All we can do at this point is speculate. If it’s coming, we have no way of knowing, unless there are leaks. Even leaks can be hard to confirm. We already know that it most likely looks just like an iPhone 5, but will likely have some spec upgrades. At least that’s how Apple’s done it in the past. We don’t see why the company would break away from that trend.

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