Rumor: This is an iPhone 5S Home Button

home button

The image above is reportedly an iPhone 5S home button. Well, the internals, that is. According to website MacRumors, it’s pretty much just like that of the iPhone 5, but the flex cable that connects it to the main logic board is longer.

They also note that there are rumors of a fingerprint sensor near the Home Button. If true, it’s not apparent by looking at the piece where that sensor is.

Then there is a vibration motor.

vibration motor

While this doesn’t tell us anything new, I’m more willing to bet that this is a legitimate iPhone 5S component than I am that the next Apple handset will use a fingerprint sensor. I’ve just personally never believed the rumor. I may be wrong, and it wouldn’t be the first time if I am wrong. It’s just that Apple doesn’t ever really update the ‘S’ models aside from software and internal enhancements, maybe the camera. The body itself usually stays the same.

[via MacRumors]

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