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ShowScoop is what its maker Micah Smurthwaite calls “Yelp for concerts.” That’s not far off. You can check out bands’ upcoming shows or tour dates. You can also see what other fans though of their show based on several categories, such as Stage Presence, Crowd Interaction and Sound Quality.

I get tons of emails every week with new iPhone or iPad apps. Sometimes one stands out as interesting, and I will check it out. There’s simply not enough time to check out all of them. Out of all the apps I check out, a few actually get my attention enough for more hands-on. This is one of those apps. As someone who is a fan of music and live shows, it has a lot of what I like, and uses categories that matter as a listener.

Users go to a show, just as they normally would, then they can open up the app later to review the band’s show. They can upload photos and other users can add comments to those reviews. It’s actually pretty neat and very social. Interestingly, so far I’ve seen that people are quite friendly in the comments. I’m not sure if they’re moderated in any way, but if someone likes or doesn’t like a show, I haven’t yet encountered someone hating the review (or a band for that matter) simply for the sake of hating it. Even the negative reviews back up their criticisms with things like, “the band just wasn’t into it. The crowd wasn’t moving.” Comments on those reviews will often be friendly, too.

I like that I can follow a user or a band. For instance, if I like a certain person’s review, I can follow them and read future reviews for shows they see. After all, their musical tastes and opinions may be similar to mine. Why not? I can also follow a band. For instance, if I want to keep track of KMFDM if I have plans to check them out in the future. I can read reviews by users when KMFDM goes on tour, and see what they think of the show overall.

That said, it sometimes shows that the app needs some public attention. It’s easy to find a review of Nicki Minaj, because she’s very popular. KMFDM or Aesthetic Perfection? Not so much. That’s not the app developer’s fault. There just aren’t any users checking those bands out. Let’s hope that more fans review those artists.

The app definitely seems in its early phases. There are a few things in the UI that can be hard to navigate if you’re using thumbs. One of my biggest criticisms is that when reading a review, as easy as everything is to tap, the “Comments” section is very small. If you are just thumbing through the app, it can be very difficult to tap. Most adult hands will hit the “Search” button just under it. Perhaps thickening the photo and comments section would be a good way to go, and it doesn’t seem that it would interfere much with the rest of the screen. This is also a problem that arises with “Upcoming Shows” in a band’s section.

One other issue I have with the app is that “Upcoming Shows” while cool, doesn’t show cities. All other necessary information is there: Band, Venue, Date. No city though. Arguably, if it’s near you, you know the venue, but I often have to drive to a larger city like San Antonio or Austin to see a show. If this information isn’t there, I have to go look it up. It’s a minor inconvenience, but it would make a world of difference.

If you’re a fan of live music, please check this app out. I want to see more bands. Especially more bands I like. The app is free, by the way.


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