Silly Digitimes Rumor of the Day: Apple to Introduce Wireless Charging iPhone

iPhone 5_white_black

Guess what? The next iPhone will bring wireless charging to Apple’s popular handset. What’s that? It’s from Digitimes? Oh … never mind then.

That’s right. Digitimes is reporting that the next Apple smartphone will come with wireless charging capabilities. That sounds very unlikely as the next iPhone is probably going to have an ‘S’ at the end of it. We wouldn’t have believed it, either. The good news is neither does 9to5Mac. They have sources that can give them information, we’re just going on speculation. That said, it’s good to hear a site that knows its stuff agree.

If anything, expect the next iPhone, probably the iPhone 5S, to have some minor upgrades such as a improved cameras and a processor boost. That’s probably most of it. Maybe a few minor enhancements, but don’t hold out for anything vastly different. Apple has to wait for the iPhone 6 to do that.

Why are we talking about this if it’s probably not true? Because it’s being widely reported around the internet, and we figure it’s worth saying we don’t believe it. If anything, readers won’t get their hopes up.

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