Something You Never Thought You’d Hear: Apple Maps Beats Google and Waze in Recent California Test

Apple Maps

Had someone asked before the test was conducted, I’d have lost a bet. According to recent tests conducted by TWiT’s Leo LaPorte (Waze), tech columnist John C. Dvorak (Google Maps) and writer Glenn Rebenstein (Apple Maps) throughout the state of California.

They drove to several locations through the state. Apple’s maps outdid the rivals through the testing. Dvorak wrote about the experience, and praised Apple maps. He believes that Google Maps has actually become worse over time. We should also say that Dvorak isn’t known to be totally Apple-friendly.

Our personal experiences with Apple Maps have been mixed. On some occasions, we were taken directly to our destination. Other times, we were taken where we wanted to go, but given a much longer route than necessary. Then there were the times that Apple maps got it completely wrong. Luckily, we knew where we were going each time–we just wanted to test it out. Google Maps, on the other hand, hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

[via AppleInsider]


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