Steve Jobs’ Prank Call to Starbucks on Original iPhone Lives On

Steve Jobs was a funny guy. When he introduced the original iPhone, he made a prank call to a local Starbucks while demonstrating the ability of the handset to look up local businesses and dial directly from the Google Maps app.

He searched Starbucks, and chose the closest one. He gave it a call while on stage, when the barista answered, Steve said, “Yes, I’d like to order 4,000 lattes to go, please.” “No. Just kidding! Wrong number. Thank you! Bye-bye.” before hanging up. You can check out the call in the video above by skipping to 5:20.

Apparently, people still call that store asking for “4,000 lattes to go.” Some mega Apple fans even visit that Starbucks, just because it’s the one that Steve called. That’s a bit extreme. Perhaps it’s cool to drop by if you already happen to be in the area, but I don’t think I’d go out of my way to get over there.

Either way, that Starbucks still gets that prank call all these years later. That’s pretty funny.

[via AppleInsider]

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