T-Mobile Bites Back at AT&T’s Ad


Verizon ad

T-Mobile isn’t taking things lightly when AT&T decides to poke fun at its network. The ad above is from T-Mobile. According to website CultofMac, the AT&T ad was a page in some newspapers last week. It said that T-Mobile subscribers have twice as many dropped calls and a 50 percent slower network. T-Mo fought back.

They responded with the above ad. It’s also a full-page. It says that AT&T tried to buy its network at one point. That’s one way to hit back. Let’s hope that this doesn’t turn into the grand back and forth we was with AT&T and Verizon a few years back. Those two are like two kids in elementary school crushing on each other. At some point we expected AT&T to put gum in Verizon’s hair.

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