Tech Executives Say the Darndest Things: BlackBerry CEO Calls iPhone Outdated

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Okay. Don’t get me wrong. I write for an iPhone site. You will call me biased. I prefer my iPhone, but I don’t have a problem with Android. It’s just not what I use personally. iOS may not be the most advanced mobile OS out there, but when the CEO of BlackBerry…BlackBerry (Formerly Research in Motion, or RIM) is calling the iPhone outdated, something’s wrong.

Thorsten Heins, the guy running BlackBerry right now, (the former CEO is gone and sold all his shares.) says that Apple is not innovating fast enough. Honestly, he’s being fair in saying that the interface hasn’t really changed in years. The thing is, it’s not broken. It still works well. Maybe there are things about it that can be improved of, but changing it too drastically would also be a nightmare for users, and in turn, Apple.

Still, Apple will likely introduce iOS 7 later this year. Perhaps it will introduce something new that helps iOS keep up with the competition in those terms.

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