The Rumor That Won’t Die: Apple’s TV is Ultra HD

Apple TV menu

Someone out there really wants that Apple HDTV to happen. Digitimes reports … oh, wait. Digitimes? Nevermind then.

Okay. Somewhere, far, far off in imagination land, having grown tired of iWatch, iPhone 5S and iPad rumors, Digitimes is dreaming up an Apple Ultra HD 4K television set. It’s due to arrive late 2013 or early 2014. That’s at most a year from now. Last time we checked, Ultra HDTV sets cost more than my car. This was in January. Even if the value of such televisions dropped a bit, it’s still out of the price range of the typical consumer, which is Apple’s target market.

Then there’s the question of streaming. iTunes streams at up to 1080p. That’s still a huge load of data. It may be a little while before we are easily streaming at 4K. Sure, there is upscaling, but I just don’t see a reason at this point in time.

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