This Brilliant 12-Year-Old Created an App Called LazyHusband


Ethan Duggan created an app for iPhone called LazyHusband. It plays the role of the lazy husband. It’s actually a fun little idea.

The idea came to him when he was at home playing some videogames after school. His mom had bought several dresses. According to Ethan, it was around 20, and she would go to her room, try one on then walk out and ask “How do I look?” That’s when the realization that he has a phone hit Ethan. He decided to create LazyHusband.

Ethan Duggan

Photo: Rick Duggan

He was with both his parents Marni Klein and Rick Duggan at SXSW in Austin showing off his app to website GigaOm. He demonstrated the app, which says things like, “No, you don’t look fat.” He is also working to create LazyWife and LazyKid. You can also record your own voice to say the phrases, or add your own.

LazyHusband is available in the App Store for 99 cents.



Direct Link: LazyHusband

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