This is the iPad Prototype That Gave Steve Jobs the Idea for a Phone

earlyiPad prototype

Image Credit: Ars Technica

Above is an iPad prototype. It has a 5 x 7 screen, that’s 8.6 inches. You can also credit it as the first device that sparked Steve Jobs’ idea for the iPhone.

One of the most interesting lessons in Apple history, at least for me, was when Steve Jobs revealed that Apple was developing the iPad, but stopped when he saw the technology and said (perhaps to main Apple design guy Jony Ive), “let’s make a phone with it first.” That put iPad development on hold, and we wouldn’t see it for several years.

In a sense, that prototype is the first iPad and the first iPhone. It obviously isn’t something Apple meant to ship, it looks more like something Apple used to get a feel for a touch-based interface before taking the idea further. Good thing it helped create a great smartphone.

[via CultofMac]


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