This is What a Giant iPhone Would Look Like (Mock-Up)


This is a concept for a much, much larger iPhone than what’s currently available. It’s just something an artist put together as a mock-up of what a larger iPhone would look like if Apple went that route. It looks a lot like something Samsung would make.

It looks okay. There are some things we like about it. The back is kind of cool. The thinness is great, but the front just isn’t as pretty as the rest of it. Maybe we just aren’t used to not seeing at least a little bit of a bezel on the side. It looks a bit awkward. It’s also missing the home button. We’ve heard that it may eventually lose that, but it’s kind of become iconic with iOS devices.

giant iPhone_2

It doesn’t look bad, but it’s not the prettiest mock-up we’ve seen, either.

[NowWhereelese via Gizmodo]


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