This is When Apps Make a Difference in Our Daily Lives


We all love convenience. That’s why we’re fans of mobile banking. Depositing your check is easy with just about any mobile banking app these days. You don’t even have to visit your local branch. It’s a wonderful thing. Restaurants are getting in on this, too. Chipotle is one of those.

The idea is brilliant. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s about convenience and speed. You can order your burrito through the app, then you can pick it up at the restaurant without hassle. You get to skip the line, pick up your meal and go home.

Apps like this may not sound important, but we love the idea of our technology being integrated into real-world scenarios. Apple is great at this when it comes to its store. I once played around with the Apple Store app while at a store in Austin. The App didn’t open like it normally did. It welcomed me to the store and I actually played around with it and accidentally called an employee for help. I cancelled quickly, but it was cool to see how easy it is to get help.

Pizza places like Dominos also make apps that enable you to make a meal and order it quickly and conveniently.

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