THX Sues Apple Over Speaker Patent


Normally, these patent lawsuits come from trolls that are simply in the business of suing. Sadly, it’s almost a relief to hear about a patent lawsuit coming from a legitimate company. In this case it’s THX, a company that George Lucas founded. It seems that some of Apple’s products, well, most of Apple’s products, infringe on a THX patent.

The patent, according to the report, is for “narrow-profile speakers.” These are speakers that output sound “through a duct of aperture having a narrow dimension.” Yeah, um. Narrow speakers, or something.

THX seeks royalties and pay for the lost profits. I once learned that George Lucas is a big audio guy. He probably has an awesome sound system at home. He founded THX after hearing the sound quality at theaters during Empire Strikes Back, the second Star Wars film. He had an audio scientist work on a way to bring better audio to theaters. Upon doing that, theaters became THX certified, and those theaters were ready just in time for the last Star Wars movie ever released as far as I’m concerned, Return of the Jedi.

The companies have not commented on the lawsuits. that’s usual as most companies don’t comment on legal stuff until it’s over.

[via ArsTechnica]


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