App Store for iPad Adds ‘Learn More About In-App Purchases’

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In-app purchases are all the rage with developers right now. They are also causing parents to rage.

In-app purchases are usually part of games available on the App Store for free. Additional features or perks cost real-world money. The idea is that someone plays the game for free, but wants to purchase additional content to enhance their experience for say a dollar or two at a time. This can make much more money for the developers than selling one game for 99 cents. This has also managed to get Apple into trouble. Children manage to purchase a ton of these add-ins and run up their parents’ credit card bills, sometimes into the thousands.

Apple has added a button called “Learn More About In-App Purchases.” This takes you to a page that explains in-app purchases and even tells you how you can change the option that allows for consecutive purchases to be made without re-enterting a password. This way, every purchase will require a password, stopping a tap-happy kid from racking up $13,000 on your credit card.

[via MacRumors]

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