Apple Accidentally Sabotaged its Own App Store Google Ranks

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Whoops! Apple unknowingly messed up its own Google rank for the App Store. Some of you may remember that TechCrunch recently discovered that Apple App Store rankings were down in Google searches. It turns out that this was totally on Apple.

A company that specializes in search engines, SISTRIX, discovered that Apple blocked connections coming from Google. Apparently, Apple begins blocking connections to its servers after about 50,000 requests from the same IP. Eventually, Google crawlers were blocked out, and iTunes links on Google dropped in ranking.

Website CultofMac reports that SISTRIX tried its own test in which its crawlers tried to visit iTunes pages 100,000 times. 46,133 of those were 403 errors, because Apple started to block the connection.

It looks like the issue has since been fixed, according to SISTRIX.

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