Apple Giving 150 Free WWDC 2013 Passes to Student Developers


Young, talented developers interested in OS X and iOS can try to sign up for a free WWDC ticket from Apple. The tickets are normally priced at about $1,600.

There are some requirements, and it’s definitely not easy for just anyone to get in:

– 13 years of age or older.

– Current member of iOS developer program, iOS university program, iOS developer enterprise program, or Mac developer program.

– Proof of school enrollment.

– Full or part-time student.

– Use current skills to create an app that “highlight(s) development projects you’ve worked on, your educational and professional background, technical skills, and interests.”

Those who want to apply can begin doing so on April 29 at 9am Pacific. The deadline is May 2 at 5pm Pacific. Apple will notify winners by May 16. Travel and hotel expenses are up to the winners to cover.

That’s a lot of requirements, and it sounds like some tough criteria for just anyone interested to meet. Well, the company probably only wants to help the most promising and most dedicated, but that’s a toughie for sure.

[via ArsTechnica]

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