Apple Has a Small Share of the Computer Market, But Pulls in Most of the Profit

Computer marketshare

Apple has only nabbed about five percent of the global computer market, according to Asymco data.

Interesting, however, is that the Cupertino company makes 45 percent of the profit from global computer sales. That’s a big chunk for only being five percent of the market. Dell is next behind Apple with 13 percent of the profit made from worldwide computer sales.

According to the report from Asymco, (spotted by TUAW) this is because PC makers just aren’t selling as many computers as they used to. They’ve always had low margins, but they used to make up for it in volume sold. That’s not happening as much anymore thanks to the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets.

It makes sense, I find myself using my laptop less and less for general browsing, and using the iPad more. It’s just convenient. For me, the laptop usually means work. The iPad usually means read, watch Netflix or browse the internet.

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