Apple Reaches Out to Some Developers Who Missed Their Shot at WWDC

WWDC sold out

We heard that WWDC sold out in two minutes. That’s record time. It seems like Apple is reaching out to some of those developers who missed their chance by offering them some extra tickets.

As website MacNN, says, it’s unlikely that everyone who missed their chance will hear from Apple. Perhaps those developers were queued up somehow and Apple is reaching out to them in the order they tried to purchase. We can’t know. The report says that several developers have confirmed that Apple is contacting them and reserving tickets in order to contact them later with information on how to pay for and grab their pass.

WWDC takes place in San Francisco, CA from June 10-14. Apple is likely to announce its next round of operating systems such as iOS 7 and Mac OS X.

Here’s what we expect from WWDC.

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