Former Apple Engineer Blames Steve Jobs for MobileMe Failures


This one is sure to cause some debate. It already has at some of the websites reporting it. Former Apple Engineer Erin Caton, many of the MobileMe problems on Steve Jobs.

The big story is that Jobs brought the entire MobileMe team into the auditorium, chewed them out, and fired the project manager immediately. Caton claims that employees tried to express their concerns over the project, but it went nowhere.

According to her blog post, the MobileMe team worked trying to get a product to launch, because management didn’t listen to their concerns.

Here’s a portion of the blog post:

Now, regardless of whether no one in the inner sanctum of dudes-that-Steve-listened-to-at-the-time told him all the things we told our bosses, or who-up-the-chain-of-command was not brave enough to suggest we do something not-Apple-like — this was the system that Steve created. He made himself so fearful and terrible that an entire group of amazing, talented, hard working people, ended up getting screamed at wrongfully. It was his fault that the MobileMe launch went so poorly, not ours.

It’s hard to say for sure, because obviously we weren’t there. It seems like someone didn’t pass some messages along to Steve. The problem I see here is that the person says Steve created an environment where he was feared, and nobody wanted to approach him about the problems. We’re not sure how scary the guy was. We never worked for him. However, some commenters on websites we read saw it as a low blow. A way to shift the blame on Steve Jobs now that he’s gone. Who knows. I wasn’t there. I’ll just leave you with that, and comment with your thoughts.

[via CultofMac]

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