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Google Now

Google just released its Google Now app. Rather, Apple just released Google’s Google App onto its App Store. It’s available through an update of the Google Search app. Just update, and you have it.

Upon launching the latest version of Google Search for iOS, it shows you a video and some of the new features included in Google Now. It’s designed to explain the new features and make it easier to understand how Google Now works. Honestly, it’s best to just try it.

We dove into Google Now and tried out some of its offerings. To launch the feature, you simply swipe up from the main Google App screen. This will bring up your cards. Cards are a list of information that’s relevant to you, as the user. They give you information such as local eateries and weather.

The application adjusts to your everyday needs. For instance, more cards may appear as the application learns what kind of searches you do. Perhaps a daily commute to work. Google Now can give you local traffic or directions that will help you avoid tie-ups on the road. Gmail is also available, as are public alerts, stocks, movies and news. The idea is to make it a one-stop app for the information you need daily.

Immediately upon use, it doesn’t seem to have much available. That is because the app is designed to work based on what’s relevant to you. If you tend to look up a lot of sushi bars, the app may list local places with reputations for good sushi. If you are a frequent flier, or if you plan on flying soon, it will help you with travel information based on flights you’ve confirmed through Gmail.

If you use public transit, such as subways or buses, the Public Transit card will help you with schedules that match your usual commute times.

Google Calendar notifications also pop up in your cards, which is a nice touch. My favorite, however, is something that seems so minor, but it’s great. It’s a card called Time at Home. This tells you what time it is back home. It’s very useful when you have to travel out, and you often find yourself asking, “What time is it back home?” Often we want to call a loved one, but we don’t know immediately if we can. Of course all it takes is simple math, but even then you sometimes aren’t entirely sure how many hours difference there is. It just makes things a bit simpler when traveling, and most of us already have enough on our minds when we are traveling.


Google Now is cool app, but some Android friends already knew that. It was iPhone users who may have been waiting to try it out. It’s still a new app, so we will have to see over time how it adjusts to our everyday life.

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