iMessage Glitch Deletes Obama


Here’s an interesting new glitch in iMessage. It deletes certain words, such as “surprise” and “Obama.”

iMessage still isn’t without its problems. There are a lot of minor issues with iMessage, but they all kind of accumulate into one app with quite a few small annoyances. The latest one seems to delete certain words when used in a specific way. For instance, Obama and surprise both seem to delete when used at the end of a sentence as follows:

I could be the next Obama

will appear as

I could be the next

While the following

The best prize is a surprise

will appear as

The best prize is a

It’s a strange glitch, and according to CultofMac (via The Verge), things look just fine until you hit the send button. The other person will receive the message with the missing text. A few things to point out: this glitch is only a problem on the iPhone, and it only happens if you put a space after it the sentence.


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