iTunes is Big for Internet Video, Too. Has Biggest Marketshare

NPD electronic video

According to the NPD group, Apple is also dominant in the digital video market. We already knows it’s at the top of digital music, too.

The NPD’s research (via TUAW)  shows that iTunes had a 67 percent share of sell-through for television shows in 2012, and a 65 percent share for full-length movies.

Microsoft’s Xbox Video service is next in line for TV shows with a share of 14 percent. Amazon is second for movies, and it has a 10 percent share. Worth noting is that the NPD says that these are EST, or electronic sell-through. This means that it only includes video content that is purchased for permanent ownership. In other words, rentals don’t count.

The report also talks about video-on-demand. iTunes is still ahead, and Amazon Instant video is significantly behind it.

Here’s a portion of the NPD’s press release:

“Apple has successfully leveraged its first-mover advantage and of iTunes, iOS and the popularity of iPhone and iPad to dominate the digital sale and rental markets for movies and music,” said Russ Crupnick, senior vice president of industry analysis at NPD. “While worthy competitors have come along, no other retailer has so thoroughly dominated its core entertainment product categories for so long.”

Well, we’re sure Apple is happy about that. We’re also sure the company will be happy with its financial results today.

[NPD via TUAW]


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