iTunes URLs Are Getting Harder to Find Through Google Search


Google Search isn’t placing iTunes links at the top of its pages anymore. This may not seem like a huge deal, but it’s very annoying when searching for an iPhone app.

TechCrunch caught wind of this first, but it becomes immediately apparent when you try to use the search engine to find something. They use an example of an app called Whatapp and a search for Whatassp iTunes and Whatsapp iPhone.

I tested it out for myself with what should be the simplest of searches, Angry Birds. I searched Angry Birds iPhone. That was logged in. When logged out, “Angry Birds iPhone” did bring it up as the first result. Here’s what I got:

Angry Birds iPhone Google


The App Store link is the sixth item in the search.



My Comparison, here’s the same Bing search:

Angry Birds iPhone Bing


The first is the App Store link for Angry Birds Star Wars. Then a link to IGN, and third is Angry Birds HD for the iPad, also on the App Store.

TechCrunch ran a more extensive test, but the results were pretty much the same: iTunes links are much lower on the page than before. It seems to especially be the case when logged in. You can see the longer list of their searches and rankings here.


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