Kevin Lynch’s New Role at Apple: Leading iPod Engineering Team

Kevin Lynch

Kevin Lynch, the former Adobe guy who left to join Apple, became vp of technologies recently. We had no idea what he’d be doing, but it turns out that he is now leading a team of iPod product engineers.

The rumor is that his position may be part of the rumored  smartwatch project. The original report mentions persons who have worked on various components of the past iPod devices such as firmware, touch screens and other parts.

With all the noise and rumors about the iWatch, there is still very little information about what it may look like, or what it may do. All we’ve heard is that it may be some sort of extension of the iPhone in the sense that it will give you control of the handset or let you check who’s calling, or text messages, etc. while the handset is still in your pocket or bag.

Whatever it is, Apple has to make quite a case for why people want a watch.

[via MacRumors]

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