Minecraft Creator Notch Releases New Browser Game


Markus “Notch” Persson, the guy who created Minecraft, has just released a new game. It’s called Drop.

It runs on the Unity engine, and you will have to install the plugin to run it on your computer.

Drop is a simple game. It’s all about typing speed. All you have to do is type the upcoming letters as they spiral towards the outer edge of the screen. If you miss a single letter, you’re done. That’s actually kinda tough.

The letters move faster and faster as you progress. I am terrible at typing, despite the fact that I do it every day for several hours a day.

You do tend to kind of pick up a little rhythm as you move, but it’s still a hard game. Luckily, it’s forgiving if you accidentally type the wrong letter. You just need to type the right one. Still, the letters are constantly moving, and the speed is increasing, so you must do it quickly.

The game is free, of course, it’s browser-based. It runs on just about any computer, even my old laptop. You can check it out here: Drop. If anything, it will help you gain some fast fingers.

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