One of Steve Jobs’ Most Important Pieces of Advice: Just Ask

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs definitely led a successful life. Well, depends on how you gauge success, but he definitely earned his spot as one of Silicon Valley’s biggest names. In fact, it’s been reported that in the Valley, people simply referred to him as Steve, and everyone knew who you were talking about.

One of the most important pieces of advice Jobs gave, yet one of the simplest was to just ask. Really. He said that he never encountered someone that didn’t want to help him when he asked for help. He mentions calling up Bill Hewlett when he was 12 years old. He asked Hewlett for spare parts to build a frequency counter. Hewlett gave Steve a job later that year.

“Most people never ask, and that’s what separates the people who do things from the people who dream about them,” said Jobs in an old videotaped interview. He also said that you can’t be afraid to fail. It’s a very cool segment, and it’s less than two minutes long. Worth a quick watch.

[via Holykaw]

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