Patent Troll Lodsys Returns: Sues Disney and Other App Developers


Thought you’d heard the last from Lodsys? Think again! The shameless patent troll is still at it. This time, it’s going after Disney for ‘Where’s My Water?’ and a handful of small app developers claiming  that their in-app purchases infringe on patents that Lodsys holds.

Companies like these simply sit on a bunch of patents they doesn’t use then bully companies into licensing these patents, or paying a hefty settlement fee. Over the last few days, Lodsys has filed suit against a handful of other developers such at Gameloft and Backflip Studios. Nordstrom, Godiva, Burberry, SanDisk, Crocs, GM and HP are also the target of the suing spree.

According to Lodsys, more than 200 companies have licensed its patents. Apple is one such company, and it argues that its licensing of the technology transfers down to its business parters (app developers) as well.

[via AppleInsider]

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