Prank iMessage Spam Shows How Easy it is to Crash the App


iMessage allows for Mac users to communicate with iOS users. iPad users can text iPhone owners and so on. In other words, any device within Apple’s ecosystem can send an iMessage to another. That’s really cool.

However, a recent problem arose for some. A handful of iOS developers received several messages over the service. They were spammed with repetitive messages and users had to disable the account associated with iMessage. In one case, a user was locked out of the application altogether.

According to jailbreak developer iH8sn0w, one of the developers hit with the spam, this was just a bunch of “bored” kids “playing with AppleScript.” He proved it by creating his own AppleScript that sends a barrage of text messages over iMessage. This also forces the user to constantly delete the messages.

Right now, there is no fix. There is also no limit to how many messages someone can send within a short period of time. Anyone who remembers those old chat programs like AIM may remember that you couldn’t send consecutive messages too quickly, or the application would put a stop to it for several seconds. This was to prevent spam. There is no such safeguard with iMessage.

[via Ars Technica]

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