Report: iPhone 5S Delayed Over Fingerprint Sensor Setbacks

iPhone 5_white_black

Apple may be delaying production of the iPhone 5S, if a recent report from Reuters is accurate.

The report claims that supplier sources in Japan and Taiwan are pushing production back to June, or further. If accurate, Apple is having trouble finding a coating that will not interfere with the functionality of the rumored fingerprint sensor.

The report also goes on to talk about the rumored cheaper iPhone. It claims that Apple will use the same four-inch screen, but it will not have the fingerprint sensor, and it will likely have a plastic casing rather than the aluminum of the iPhone 5.

It’s worth noting that website MacDailyNews, which originally spotted the Reuters story, says to “take whatever they report with many grains of salt.” Well, folks, take that as you will. Just keep in mind that we are looking at rumors about rumors.

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