Report: Jony Ive to Have a Heavy Influence Over iOS 7


We learned that with Apple’s management shuffle late last year, that main design guy Jony Ive will be in charge of the UI design for future versions of iOS.

The question at that point was how much of iOS 7 would have the Ives touch. After all, he must have come into it mid-cycle. Well, it turns out that he may have had more time to work with it than we’d originally guessed. He’s really changed the look, according to reports. Supposedly, it’s going to be “very, very flat.”

Reports also say that gloss and other design ideas that give the graphics a sense of depth are gone. Also gone is the skeuomorphic stuff. For instance, your address book won’t look like a physical book anymore. Same goes for the Notes app. Again, these aren’t specific examples of what is changing, it’s just hypothetical and a bit of speculation based on off-the-record accounts of how Ive is changing the interface. All we know is that Ive is not a fan of making application designs look just like their real-life counterparts.

It will be interesting to see what happens during WWDC. This may be Apple’s biggest change to iOS yet.

[via 9to5Mac]


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